Best Induction cooktop brands you should know

Induction has become more popular over time for its quick response and low simmer. There’s a host of reasons to buy an induction cooktop. Of course, every brand manufacturers and induction cooktop, so they all look the same. So which induction cooktop do you consider?  You’ll learn how induction works.

Its many benefits, especially if you live in Massachusetts. The five best induction cooktops to consider from Beko, KitchenAid, JennAir Thermador and Bosch Benchmark. Then we’ll also cover a few problems with induction that you should know before you buy, as well as the reliability for every brand.

How Induction Works

Induction is a magnetic, heat. The magnets of the burner excite the metal molecules in the pan. The pan cooks the food, bypassing the glass. This is in stark contrast to electric cooktops, where elements heat up the glass and the glass heats up the pan, cooking your food.

Induction Cooking Benefits

Induction is by far the fastest heat and offers the lowest possible Simmer. Gas you’ll remember, will extinguish itself at low temperatures. Because the glass does not heat up, it’s also the easiest to clean because food doesn’t bake on, like it does in electric or gas cooktop. Induction is also the most child safe as well because the magnets and induction can only be activated with metal. It can’t be accidentally turned on.

As we said, the surface doesn’t heat up like an electric or gas burner, so there’s less chance of scolding as well. If you live in Massachusetts, induction will comply with make up laws and can be vented at 400 CFM, unlike a pro gas range. If you want more information on venting, please download our free venting buying guide, that’s listed in the description below. Most glass still made by the SCHOTT CERAN® company. They’re the main glass supplier for electric and induction cooking services.

They’re all easy to clean because they’re all the same glass type just with different patterns. Every cooktop chosen has a bridge connecting two elements to fit an oblong dish or pan. The max wattage on any induction burner is 37 or Watts.

Induction Cooking Problems

Thermidor is a bit different with their freedom cooktop. The only problem with induction is total output. If you plan on cooking all four burners, induction cook tops have a boost feature for max power. This output will be siphoned from other burners.

Something remember if you’re using all four. The BSH companies such as Bosch, Gaggenau Bosch Benchmark and Thermador use Power Boost. Power Boost will take all the power from the adjacent burner, leaving that burner with no power at all. The other brands use power share for 70 percent of the power from the adjacent burner, leaving thirty percent to do some low temperature simmering.

Best Induction Cooktop Brands

Beko’s induction cooktop sells for only $1,649. Every burner on the Beko is 3,700 watts, giving it the capability of making it the most powerful on this list, along with JennAir.

KitchenAid’s induction is $1,709.00. It’s cooktop has 12 cooking levels, so temperature is more precise, according to KitchenAid’s own advertising.

Yet induction is, by its very nature, precise. KitchenAid is a somewhat standard induction cooktop with one powerful thirty 700 burner, that’s 11 inches. It also has a bridge element to connect two burners.

But some very good reliability, as you’ll see later. the Bosch Benchmark induction cooktop sells for about $2,499.00.

The flex induction burner can be split into three preset zones. So you have to move the pan to the new zone and change the temperature. This is great for foods to cook like risotto. It’s Wi-Fi enabled so it can be turned on and off remotely.

Their Home Connect app has recipes of different ideas for food preparation, Bosch has some fancy features like Auto Chef, so you can program recipes. Their auto size feature automatically sizes the firm to the pan.

JennAir’s induction cooktop goes for $3,299.00. It’s the best looking at the five. It can be easily flush installed and also placed over a single wall oven. It’s two bridge burners allow you to cook anything at the same time or even cook four different items.

Beko, each burner is 3,700 Watts. Thermador’s induction cooktop is the most expensive at $4,799.00 The Freedom Cooktop has 48 different sensors, so you can place the pot or pan anywhere. Thermador has the three preset zones like the Bosch benchmark. It also has Wi-Fi through the reliable Home Connect app.

Brand Reliability

KitchenAid and Bosch are by far the most reliable induction cooktops on this list. KitchenAid I didn’t have a single service call this year and Bosch Benchmark is only 5.6% of their cooktops needing service. Thermador is the third most reliable. Seventeen percent beko still too new to the market for us to have any statistical reliability on their cooktop.

Induction cooktops are reliable as a product group. However, they’re not easy to repair, so make absolutely certain you’re your choice can be fixed in your area. There’s a reason to buy each unit.

Beko has the best power and it’s affordable. KitchenAid has decent features, it’s reliable and can be packaged with other KitchenAid appliances. JennAir is pretty and powerful. Thermador and Benchmark have good features with home connect as well as reliability as a producer of induction cooktops.

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