Review Whirlpool WTW5005KW Top Load Washer

The WTW5005 is one of Whirlpool’s best top load washers, but should you buy it? In this video, you learn about the WTW5’s best features liability based on real service calls and a few problems. Then we’ll compare Whirlpool to competitive brands like LG, Speed Queen and their own sister company, Maytag. Let’s get started.

Best Features

Whirlpool is a good mixture of features and capacity for the seven hundred forty nine dollar price tag. It has decent capacity of four point two cubic feet, so it’s one cubic foot bigger than rival Speed Queen, but a bit smaller than LG and Maytag at four point eight and four point seven cubic, respectively.

It also has a nice array of cycles of 12 long, with four soil levels for wash rinses and three spin combinations. It even has incorporated Speed Queen’s best feature, the deep water fill. Allowing you to fill the tub water to totally saturate and clean clothes.


Whirlpool is a reliable machine as well, at six point one six percent repair in the first year. The period is much lower than the nine point seven percent average for all appliances and almost one percent lower than the top load washers in general at 7.02 percent. But how does it compare against other popular machines?


It is a decent size compared to the other brands, the agitator driven washes do a better job cleaning as the clothes are rotated better than agitatorless hybrid types. LG and Maytag have Wi-Fi to alert you when the cycle is complete and you can see the time remaining right from an app on your phone.

LG has the turbo wash as well. Another spray to decrease total time in the washer. Maytag has extra power to wash white and colors in the same load, starting in cold and gradually warming the water. Whirlpool is $150 less than the LG and two hundred and fifty less than the Maytag.

Speed Queen is the most unique agitation with its 210 degree agitator along with the industry best warranty of five years. Speed Queen’s spin is better as well at 840 to Whirlpool’s 660 R.P.M So clothes will be dryer from a Speed Queen, but Speed Queen is three and fifty dollars more than the Whirlpool seven forty nine.

You can also buy a popular LG front load washer with with better four point five cubic capacity, also without an agitator and more efficient water and energy storage.

Should you buy a Whirlpool Top load?

You should definitely consider the Whirlpool WTW5005 as a good mixture of usable cycles with excellent reliability. However, you do have plenty of options from other brands like Maytag, LG and Speed Queen.

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