Review Weber Summit Grills

The Summit is Weber’s largest and most featured grill, but is it any good? In this video, you learn the best features and drawbacks of the Summit, and as a bonus, we’ll compare Summit features to the lesser expensive, less featured Genesis grill as well as the more expensive Lynx Sedona. At the end, you’ll know whether the Summit is right for you.

Best Features

Summit is still the only Weber grill made in the U.S., but doesn’t incorporate the newest improvement’s Weber dubbed the GS4, it features the oldest system with only one row of flavorizer bars with a grease collection on the side, along with a removable bottom tray versus two rows and a more centered grease collection on the GS4. Summit uses an older Snapchat flamethrower style ignition versus electronic battery operated ignition of the Genesis two with the GS4.

However, the Summit is Webers largest and most featured grill at four and six burners. Summit is also Weber’s built in line. You can buy it without the cart to place it in your custom island or one of Weber Islands as well. It’s available in all Stainless with more durable stainless grates or lesser expensive black porcelain with porcelain grates. Let’s look at the features and then compare it to other grills.

For BTU the four burners forty thousand and four hundred sixty eight square inches with six burner sixty thousand six hundred twenty four square inches and both have a search zone of ten thousand six hundred BTU. You’ll learn about searing later when we compare the Summit versus the Lynx. The Summit also features a sixteen hundred BTU smoker.

If you like to infuse your foods with wood chips or other flavors, it’s got a twelve thousand BTU side burner so you can cook as you grill instead of going back and forth to your kitchen. And a rotisserie with a ten thousand BTU rotisserie burner on back of the grill for evenness of cooking top to bottom. It’s designed to compete with professional grills with similar features for less money.


As we said, the Summit has not been improved like the Genesis two or even the smaller Spirit two. Summit doesn’t have their newest smart grill with built in iGrill technology like the other girls. You can, however, by the iGrill accessory. Summit has other problems which we’ll highlight when we’re comparing to the other grills. Let’s compare the four burner stainless Summit to the four burner Best stainless Genesis.

Summit vs Genesis II

The Genesis S-335 is twelve hundred and forty nine, while the Summit is for is twenty seventy nine, the output is identical with forty eight thousand BTU for both grilles and also have identical twelve thousand BTU side burner.

However, the Genesis S-435 grill area is six hundred forty six square inches, one hundred and ninety eight fold down for eight hundred and forty four square inches. The S-470 grill area is only four hundred sixty eight inches, one hundred twelve fold down for 580 square inches. Interesting, the Genesis is 40 percent larger and 40 percent less expensive plus has the GS4 which is significant.

Summit however has rotisserie and a 10,000 BTU infrared burner on top. While the Genesis does not have a rotisserie or rotisserie burner. The direct intense heat of the infrared is excellent because you have direct heat on the top and the heat from the grill below.

Summit also has a sixty eight hundred BTU smoker so you can add wood for more flavor. Genesis does not have smoking capabilities. The S-470 Summit has a ten thousand six hundred BTU sear station. While the S-435 is a nine thousand BTU. The difference is not that significant, mostly because it’s just another row of burners on both grills.

Summit vs. Sedona

You’ll have increased heat, but not a true sear. Lynx Sedona at four thousand fifty nine versus the Summit S-670 at twenty seven ninety nine. Let’s compare the Weber six burner versus similar size Lynx Sedona. They’re almost identical in size at six hundred eighteen versus six hundred twenty four square inches.

It almost appears the Weber has more output with sixty thousand BTU plus the ten thousand five hundred BTU sear 6,800 BTU smoker as well as the 12,000 BTU Side burner versus sixty nine thousand total for the Lynx forty six thousand two Burner’s at twenty three thousand BTU infrared sear.

However a BTU in this case can be deceiving as a Weber burner’s are six ten thousand BTU versus two twenty three thousand four the Lynx. So Lynx will be hotter and cook faster, and more evenly. The Sear station is just another row of burners on the Weber.

The sear on the Lynx is an infrared twenty three thousand BTU with hot direct heat. So it’s way better to sear quickly. Lynx also has a better heat distribution with briquettes versus the set of flavorizer bars. We compare Summit versus Genesis and Summit versus Lynx Sedona more depth in different videos. Those are the basic differences.

Should You Buy It?

You should consider the Summit. It doesn’t have the updated system or the size of the Genesis two or the searing power of the lynx. However, Summit allows you to do more on the grill than a Genesis. It is over $1,300 less than a pro grill. It’s a good consideration if you like to smoke, use rotisserie with good size, but at a far less price than a professional.

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