Review Speed Queen Top Load Washer

There’s an old saying they don’t make them like they used to, except in Speed Queen’s case, where they actually make them exactly like they used to, and that’s a good thing, mostly. In this video, you learn all about the features of a speed queen as well as a few features it doesn’t have. You also see a comparison to other comparably priced top and front load washers. If you like the video hit, subscribe to be notified of future videos first. Let’s get started.

Best Features

Back when I started selling washers in the middle 1980s, I sold Maytag. It was solid, heavy, dependable and built incredibly well. Maytag was sold years ago and it’s now really an upgraded whirlpool. But that same story Speed Queen’s today, headquartered in Ripon, Wisconsin, speaking as the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment. Commercial machines universally are designed to take abuse so that durability is built into every speed queen washer.

The founding fathers of this company purchased hand powered washing machines back in 1908. Speed is the key feature for the TC5 speed queen washer. Tis washing machine, your laundry cycle clocks in at under 28 minutes, versus and hour for most other machines. In terms of cycles, TC5 has an optional deep fill and rinse, filling the entire tub with water to achieve maximum cleanliness by completely saturating your clothes.

It has a classic agitator and transmission drive wash action, producing an aggressive 210 degree stroke to remove tough stains fast. It also has a durable stainless steel tub, so gentle on your clothes and has knobs like the old dependable Maytag. No lid locks allows you to add anything to the washing any time during the cycle. The TC5 has a full steel base with heavy duty springs for less vibration as well.

Speed Queen offers six simple cycles, four temperature selections with options written in plain English, like extra rinse, heavy soil and pre soak. So in other words, Speed Queen is designed if you disliked your front load with endless cycle combinations and possible vibrations and maybe mold problems. With speed queen you get none of that, no mold, no vibration, no complicated cycles and no electronics. And the TC5 is offered with a five year full warranty just in case. It’s also easy to fix. Unlike a front load.


However, none of that also means you lose capacity and other features. The average front load is four point five to five cubic foot versus three point two for speed queen front loaders have steam functionality to power, tough stains, an auto dispenser to hold the speeds up to 40 loads in wi fi functionalities, to see time remaining and text you when it’s done.

Speed Queen has none of that and probably never will. In terms of top loads, speed queen is made better. It fills better with the deep fill and has a five year warranty. But it’s clearly more expensive than the average whirlpool top mount at five hundred twenty nine dollars. The hybrid or agitatedly top loads from Whirlpool, LG and Samsung for greater capacity and better features.


But speed queen does clean better is much easier to repair. Speed queen reliability is currently average to appliances in general, just over 10 percent in the first year. Right now it needs more repair than other top loads by about four percent based on the thirty seven thousand sixty one service calls logged by our service department last year. However, the speed queen top load washer had some draining issues due to high volume water discharge.

Should You Buy It?

Since the newly redesigned model released, we’re not seeing this issue any longer. If you’re tired of mold and mildew in your front load washer, then speed queen is worth the consideration with a better warranty, easier fix or no mold or mildew. You do lose some features and capacity versus front loads and hybrid top loads. And it is five hundred dollars more than a basic whirlpool, so you do pay for the solid construction. However, it’s a basic machine built to last, but you do have plenty of other options.

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