Review Miele G4228 dishwasher

And $999, the G 4228US is Miele’s lowest priced dishwasher. It has a good washing system, good racks and drys well, but has a few problems you should know before you buy. And this video you learn all about the G4228 including features and reliability based on real service calls, plus a brief comparison to the main rival, Bosch.


The G 4228 performs the basics of dishwashing, well, it has three levels of wash action with three full spray arms in contrast to most other brands offering two or two with a smaller arm up top like KitchenAid or two with the sprinkler head on top like Bosch, it has good racking with three racks, second levels adjustable. The third rack is better than most because the tines in the rack secure the silverware so it cannot rub together and scratch like every other brand.


Miele dries well and better than any other brand at this price. It has an intake at the bottom and the outside air is directed this sidewall. The hot, steamy air is attracted to the cooler side and dissipated as water. The only better drying system is the Bosch CrystalDry that uses volcanic elements to increase heat and absorb moisture to dry even and plastics.

However, the CrystalDry series starts at around $1,300. Meal has never been a cycle oriented dishwasher. The G 4228US has the main cycles like pots and pans, normal and sani, like many other brands. If Miele does have an issue, it is not a quiet dishwasher with the 46 decibel rating. The minimum threshold for quiet in a dishwasher is 44, so you will hear this dishwasher faintly.


At one time Miele was the most reliable dishwasher sold. Last year they had a batch with noisy solenoids and their dishwashers needed service 15.58 percent of the time, or just over two percent more than the average dishwasher within the first year. That should improve going forward. As we said, the Miele 4228 is a nice combination of washing, drying with decent racks.


But how does it compare to a similarly priced Bosch? Bosch is a different feature set. Their washing system with two spray arms and a sprinkler top. It’s not as good as Miele’s. They both have third racks, but Miele is better because the tines hold the silverware during the water cycle.

Bulas drying system of an intake allowing air to the dishwasher is better than Bosch. Bosch uses condensation dry or the moist heated dry from the wash plus jetdry and time. They also have their autoair drying system so the door does pop open automatically, to let steam and heat out of the dishwasher accelerate drying.

Miele is better technically in washing, drying and racking. Bosch is quieter and meets the minimum threshold of quietness, of 44 decibel. And for the time being is a bit more reliable, the Miele at 12.38 percent versus 15.58 percent for the Miele in the first year.

Should You Buy It?

It’s a good dishwasher forms the basics of washing and drying extremely well, along with solid racking. However, at $999 you should consider the Miele depending on what features are important to you. However, there are other brands to consider as well.

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