Review Miele C3 Brilliant Vacuum

Miele manufactures the most dependable vacuums in the market. There are literally hundreds of vacuums with different fancy names. In this video, you’ll learn about Miele’s best vacuum, the Brilliant. Its best features, price, other comparable models in the C3 series, its downsides and other vacuum series to consider.

Best Features

First, Miele’s C3 series Brilliant is an easy vacuum to operate, and it’s incredibly durable with its helmet like hard plastic casing. This, along with its engineering make Miele one of the most reliable products in the world. It’s lightweight and has six speeds which are conveniently located on the body of the vacuum and can be easily controlled by your feet. Along with an automatic cord retrieval, this Miele has a quiet 1200 RPM motor.

You won’t wake up the family upstairs while vacuuming. Miele vacuums exhaust from the top, not the sides like other vacuums. So you won’t be exhausting debris to the far corner of the room while you vacuum. The C3 vacuums are bagged but have a 4.76 Quart capacity, which means you will not be replacing them too often. There is a trend towards bagged vacuums because you don’t have to handle a worry about disposing fine particles back in your house. The Brilliant is a HEPA filter vacuum and has filtering down to point one micron, which is three times better than the standard.

The outer casing is sealed as well. This vacuum is great if you have allergies or asthma and will improve the quality of your air indoors. Like many of the better Miele vacuums, the Brilliant has the tools on board. The crevice tool great for hard to reach places. You have a dusting wand for drapes and other places like cobwebs nestling in the corner of your ceiling. The upholstery tool is smaller design furniture. The Brilliant has two types of floor care.

The XL Parquet floorbrush is great for hardwood or area rugs. In fact, it works great on almost any type of carpet. Electrobrush is electronic and has a beater for medium and high pile carpets with its rotating brushes. The floorhead has a light for seeing under furniture. It also is padding around the outside to prevent scratching walls and fine furniture. This vacuum comes of the five year warranty. At $1,499 Miele’s C3 Brilliant is their most expensive vacuum.

Other Miele Vacuums to Consider

It is four times more expensive than competing brands. Miele’s C3 Cat & Dog is $999. It comes with a charcoal filter for pet owners and a smaller motorized brush for removing pet hair off of furniture. Just below that in prices is the Miele C3 SoftCarpet vacuum, which is $949. This vacuum is especially designed for carpeting but also is great with hardwood floors and area rugs. Price is really the only downside of the Brilliant.

The only other thing to consider is that it’s not cordless. You can vacuum your car, but it’s not as convenient as their new stick vacuum the Triflex. Which is designed to be carried around, and assembled into three different convenient configurations.

So is the Miele Brilliant right for you?

It depends on your house, your rugs and furniture. The brilliant is the best in the market with brushes and tools to handle any type of carpeting, rug or furniture type. If you live in a smaller place, or don’t have many rugs in one of your smaller vacuums will suffice, or more versatile vacuum to handle outdoors like the Triflex could do.

So you’re plenty of good choices depending on your house, furniture and other areas you want to keep clean.

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