Review LSG4513ST: Should buy or not ?

The LG LSG4513ST is one of LG’s best stoves with some truly unique features. But should you buy it?

Best Features

One of the best features about this range is that it’s available, unlike many ranges from different brands and appliances that become scarce during the pandemic. At six point three cubic foot, this is the largest oven in it’s class. GE, Samsung and KitchenAid are al about five point six cubic feet.

ProBake convection is very interesting in this range. It’s a twenty five hundred watt electric element behind the fan. Electrics are drier and more consistent than gas, so it’s better for baking. Gas is a moister and better for roasting. You also have a better boiler and gas as well. In this range you have the best of both gas and electric cooking, electric convection, as well as gas with better broiling capabilities.


All the other companies with the gas to dual fuel will allow you to have just gas or electric in their ranges. However, the top is a bit underpowered. You have one power burner at eighteen thousand BTU for good output. After that, it drops precipitously to twelve thousand BTU and less from there, all the competitive brands have at least two higher output burners.


KitchenAid has gas convection with a smaller five point eight cubic foot oven, but two power burners at 17 and 15 thousand BTUs. GE has two comparable ranges to the LG,, the 700 series in 1999 and the 900 series of twenty seven ninety nine. Both of these ranges have the two features the LG is normally known for, air fry or convection, with the broil setting to cook food for that oil and wi fi allowing you to access your range remotely.

LG is neither of these on this range. GE also has a more powerful top. However, LG is larger at six point three versus five point six cubic with the ProBake convection. Samsung is perhaps the most enigmatic competitor brand with a Flex Duo or two ovens and one. You can flex the oven or one large oven or two smaller size ovens. It has wi-fi air frying in a twenty one thousand BTU output burner, yet the two ovens cant be sent within most temperature parameters because of location of the elements.

Should You Buy It?

However, it’s still a good option, however limited. So should you buy the LG, it’s interesting, especially if you like to bake with electric, and it has a good size of oven. However you can air fry and the output is a bit underpowered. So it depends on how you use your stove. You should consider LG as well as some other options.

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