Review LG’s 24 Series Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator

The LG 24 series is one of their newest French door counter-depth refrigerators. It has some really unique features, a few problems to consider as well. So first, look at their best features and then compare the LG versus some French door refrigerator for Bosch and Samsung to help you decide if this LG is right for you.

Best Features

At thirty four, ninety nine, the twenty four series looks like an ordinary French door refrigerator with an external water and ice dispenser. However, it is one of the largest Capacity French door counter-depth refrigerators with the twenty four cubic foot capacity versus 19 to twenty 23 for most other brands. The ice maker is crushed and cubes, but has water presets of four, eight, 16 and 32 oz to fill in almost any glass mug or yeti automatically.

But this unit features a second ice maker to make larger cylindrical craft ice cubes as well. Craft ice cubes are designed to dissolve more slowly, so you have more of the taste of the beverage in less water from ice melting. So if you like a premium cocktail or even a good glass of lemonade, Kraft ice is worth considering. The icemaker itself is also slimmer, allowing for more shelf space and the refrigerator. The back is stainless.

Bosch also has a stainless steel back. Stainless absorbs cold better than plastic You should place beverages or foods next to the stainless so they become colder quicker. It has a fresh air filter, which is forced air circulation with the dedicated fan to keep your refrigerator smelling cleaner. The cooling system is different as well. This refrigerator features a linear compressor which delivers air faster than a conventional compressor with less working parts.

In fact, LG Warrantees, air compressor, ten years versus the industry standard five years. LG also has the door cooling or of cold air from top to bottom to maintain colder temperatures. When you open and close the door. Lastly, this refrigerator is Wi-Fi enabled so you can control the temperature, even craft ice production from an app on your phone. It has learning capabilities like smart learning to assess the right temperature and ice production based on your prior usage. It has impressive features, but it’s not without problems.


LG may have the more advanced compressor, but it uses five sensors to monitor temperature, but it still only has one compressor, so air can be transferred from refrigerator to freezer and vice versa. They may have the filter to deodorize the refrigerator, but LG doesn’t have an ethylene filter to reduce spoilage from ethylene gasses is off spoiling foods like Kitchen Aid, Beko or Bosch. So let’s compare other brands in similar prices.


Bosch offers two compressor’s for better temperature control, like LG it has stainless in the back to supercool, the items you place next to it. Bosh’s also incredibly quiet at 40 decibels so you won’t hear running. However, LG is larger twenty four cubic foot versus 21 for the Bosch and can manufacture craft ice with a better dispenser as well. Although it’s hard to know what Samsung’s are available at this price due to some scarce availability, they do have some interesting technology with too in cooling or two evaporators one for the freezer refrigerator at twenty seven ninety nine they have a drawer for four door French door.

The drawer can be convertible. The refrigerator or freezer. However, LG is larger with the stainless steel back as well as the craft ice capability in the door cooling system. Their linear compressors warrantee longer than any of the brand as well. LG, Samsung and Bosch are all great brands, but they don’t have decent service after the sale. We service what we sell at Yale. However you’re buying from a store without service, make sure you know who will service your LG or any other brand before you buy.

Should you buy the LG 24 series refrigerator?

Yes, the LG is decent features with good size or greater icemaker and other unique features. They offer a decent line of other appliances if you’re looking to renovate your kitchen. However, there are other models and brands to consider. Click the link in the description below to download or free counter-depth refrigerator buying guide to learn more about popular units with in depth comparisons of all the popular brands answers to frequently asked questions and buying strategies to save money.

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