Review LG WT7305 Smart Laundry

The LG WT7305 has an incredible array of cycles, especially for Top load washers, but should you buy it? In this video, you’ll learn the LG’s best features and a few problems. Plus, we’ll compare LG against other comparable models from Speed Queen and Maytag.

Best Features

Many of LG’s unique features are offered in this machine. They have their turbo wash 3D system or another set of concentrated sprays to reduce cycle time down to thirty seven minutes, unlike the hour and most competitive brands. It’s one of the largest stainless steel tubs at four point eight cubic feet.

That’s huge for a top loader. So they added Speed Queen’s feature the deep fill cycle, along with their four way agitator to rotate and clean clothes. The agitator models do wash better than the agitatorless or hybrid washers, but you do lose the capacity with the agitator.

LG is also Wi-Fi enabled, so you can start and stop the washer remotely and see the cycle time remaining as well as receiving a text when the cycle was over. So you’ll never have to go to the machine and wait for the cycle to end.


LG reliability at four point six percent in the first year is the best for top load washers in less than 50 percent, the average appliance of nine point nine percent. LG doesn’t have any feature problems. However, finding service when needed in certain areas can be an issue. So check before you buy LG or any other washing machine. Maytag is a similar in size.


It doesn’t have the turbo wash, bit it does have the extra power button so you can wash whites and colors in the same load. The cycle starts a cold and warms up slowly for decent cleaning without turning your whites pink.

The Speed Queen TC5003 has no Wi-Fi or fancy cycles in a smaller three point two cubic feet, does have a two hundred ten degree agitatorless stroking 60 times a minute for the best cleaning action, along with a five year warranty. Many Front load washers from GE, Whirlpool and even LG will have bigger capacity, use less water, energy and detergent and have more features like an automatic dispenser.

Should You Buy It?

For Top load washers LG LG WT7305 is one of the most featured with great capacity, the 3D turbo wash and Wi-Fi operation. You do have plenty of other choices from other brands as well as LG in top and front loads, depending on your personal preference. As usual, make sure whatever you buy can be fixed in your area.

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