Review KitchenAid’s 900: Should You Buy It?

KitchenAid’s 900 series Gas Range is Their best front control range. In this video, you’ll learn all KitchenAid’s, best features and a few problems. We’ll also be comparing KitchenAid to their closest competitor, Samsung and GE profile. If you like this video, make sure to subscribe to our channel to be the first to see any future content.

Best Features

A few years ago, KitchenAid designed the look and function of this range. They located the controls in the top for a larger oven size, and this kitchen is the largest you can buy. However, by placing the controls in the top, you do have less cooktop space. You’ll have planning for two or three pots and pans, but it could get crowded at four and five. This range has good basic features with two power burners in the top, a 15,000 and 19,000 BTU.

Along with three more burners and 9,200, 8,000 in a simmer burner at 5,000 BTU. The oven is convection. With their auto-convect conversion button it’s simple to use. Just input the recipe, hit the button and it will convert to convection automatically. Underneath instead of a storage drawer you have a baking drawer so you can bake smaller items and have the range operating at the same time. The price varies during the year from $2,300 to $2,600.

This range is an upgrade from Kitchen Aid’s 700 series gas range, with one less powerful burner at 17,000 instead of the 19,000 BTU on this unit. Along with a storage drawer instead of baking drawer the bottom of this range.


So this range is solid and is part of a popular package with a counter-depth refrigerator, dishwasher and over the range microwave. And this range does compare favorably in terms of oven size to all of their competition. Burner outputs are similar to most.


KitchenAid however, isn’t as technologically advanced as some of their competition. Samsung and especially GE Profile have Wi-Fi connectivity to operate your range from an app on your phone. GE has also invested heavily with their links to recipes from their app.

Air Frying has become a popular feature, even though it’s just a variation of convection cooking, and is available in both brands. Samsung does have the Flex Duo so you can cook in two ovens or slide out their divider for one larger twin convection oven. However, the Flex Duo does have temperature constraints, with both ovens operating at the same time.

KitchenAid’s 900 – Should You Buy it?

KitchenAid is also a much better company for parts and service when you do need repair. Should you buy a KitchenAid? You should know you have options, all kinds of them in many different brands. Some will have more features than KitchenAid like Wi-Fi.

However, Kitchen Aid does have the largest oven and good output to perform the basics of cooking. To learn more about popular gas ranges, download our Free Gas Cooking Buying Guide with in-depth comparisons of all the most popular brands answers to frequently asked questions and buying strategies to save you money.

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