Review GE’s 65 Series Full Size Dryer

The GE 65, series is one of GE’s most popular dryers, but is it worth buying? In this video you will learn about all the best features of the 65 series as well as a few problems. Then we’ll compare it to other dryers from LG and Whirlpool.

In the end, you’ll know whether this dryer is right for you. Now, most of the time, you’re probably buying the dryer to match a washer. If you liked the video hit subscribe and be notified first of future videos. We will be publishing individual product reliability posts like dishwashers, washers, and stoves in the upcoming weeks.

65 Series vs. 85 Series

Dryers have become as full featured as any appliance in your kitchen or laundry. The 65 series is no exception. Very similar to the top line model, the 85 series, which has a stainless-steel drum versus the porcelain. For this model, Wi-Fi are a bit different as well, we’ll discuss that later. But before we talk about the features, let’s cover the basics.

Dryer Basics

GE is the easiest event, in fact, you can vent GE 90 feet versus 30 for most other brands, and it is for way venting out of the box versus buying a side kit if needed for most other brands.

Best Features

You have steam in this dryer. Steam is a bit different for drying than washing. In the washer it power’s out, stains in the dryer, use it to dewrinkle and refresh clothing. Have a favorite shirt or outfit wrinkled? You can refresh it in your dryer. You can even use the moisture to reduce static in your clothing.

This model has a quick drive for small loads and a high heat sanitize to eliminate bacteria. Like many better dryers, there’s a wrinkle care, or an air dry that continues after the cycle, so your clothes don’t wrinkle. Then you have more advanced settings like damp alert and senses moisture and alerts you to remove clothing so your delicates won’t shrink. You also have a vent sensor detecting blockages in your vents. The dryer is Wi-Fi and can be controlled from an app on your phone. Y

ou can also receive text when the cycle is completed. GE’s better model, the 85 series has a washer link, so the washer can talk to the dryer and automatically set the proper cycle. Lastly, this dryer’s huge at 7.8 cubic feet way bigger than the washer. at 4.8 cubic.

Matching Washer

Speaking the washer, the matching GE has an array of cycles, a 32 load automatic dispenser and the industry’s only mold control feature microban anti-microbial surfacing and a fan inside the dryer to reduce moisture.


In terms of competitive dryers, most of the best brands have similar features of steam, Wi-Fi, sanitize and similar specialty cycles. GE will be a bit larger at 7.8 versus 7.5 for most of the industry. And that really doesn’t matter because they’re all bigger than the washers.

It is about the same price to one hundred dollars cheaper as well than Whirlpool and LG. If there is a problem with the dryer, its the depth of 32-inches, it’s about average. But LG is 30 and a half, so it is the easiest to install in a closet and other tight spaces.

So should you buy the dryer?

Yes, but the other dryers are comparable. Should you buy this dryer in the matching washer if you’re looking for set? Yes, because the wash is so unique and the dryer certainly competitive. It’s probably one of the best sets for the money in the industry right now.

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