Review Beko BFTF2716 Refrigerator

If you have a small cabinet that’s twenty eight inches wide, then the Beko BTFT2716, should be a consideration for your kitchen. This video you’ll learn about Beko’s best features, along with a few problems as well. In the end, you’ll know whether this refrigerator may be right for you.

Key features

First, this refrigerator has a surprising amount of high end features for a small freestanding refrigerator. It rivals many premium refrigerators. First, the BTFT2716 has two evaporators. So the air from the warm refrigerator doesn’t commingle with the colder freezer. Odors don’t transfer from your sharp cheese the refrigerator into your ice cream in the freezer so your frozen food will taste better and last longer.

The refrigerator has a surprising amount of tech as well, the EverFresh Plus drawers and gaskets, so they trap ethylene gases of spoiling foods. This refrigerator also features blue light technology. The blue light emulates sunlight, extending photosynthesis so your fruits and vegetables last longer. Up to 30 days. As gimmicky as it sounds, we tested Beko against four other refrigerators with fruit and vegetables.

Over that 30 day period, Beko was second best. Only a $10,000 Sub-Zero was better. This refrigerator covers the basics as well, with LED lighting as well as an easy to use temperature display it’s available in white at $699, stainless at $799 and an icemaker for $100 more.

That icemaker can produce six pounds of ice per day. Most of any refrigerator we learn about Beko’s problems, perhaps Beko’s best feature after it’s food preservation story is availability. Throughout the last six months at forecasting into 2021 this unit has been available. Unlike most competitive refrigerator brands. the refrigerator is counter-depth.

Some problems

Normally, counter-depth looks better because your refrigerator won’t protrude past your cabinets. However, it also cuts your cubic footage from 15 to 16 cubic feet down to 13.5 cubic feet. So it’s only designed for one to two people. Although Beko is a popular European brand and sold in 140 countries and they manufacture for Bloomberg and BlueStar in the U.S., it is relatively unknown.

So you should inquire about service before you buy a Beko. Finding availability in certain areas with even known brands is difficult, so you want to make sure about it’s service availability beforehand.

Should you buy this refrigerator?

Normally we’ll compare a product against it’s competition, but there’s none for 28-inch counter-depth fridge. You can buy full depth from GE and Frigidaire, which will have greater cubic footage. You may want to consider those options if there’s no Beko service in your area. However, for unique features to keep your food fresher longer, then you should consider the Beko BFTF2716.

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