Review Café Appliances 700 Series Gas Front Control Range

Cafe’s 700 series Gas Range is one of the most unique gas ranges you can buy, but does that mean you should buy it? In this video, you’ll learn about all Cafe’s best features, reliability based on real service calls. And then we’ll compare Cafe versus its main competitor, Samsung and KitchenAid. If you want to learn more about appliances, hit the subscribe button to be notified of future videos. Let’s get started.

Best Features

The Café is the world’s only 6 burner, 30 inch gas range. Now it’s debatable whether six pans can fit on a 30 surface, but still you have a good array of output with a 21,000 BTU burner.


Most pro ranges don’t have a burner that hot by the way. You also have a 15,000 BTU burner, a 12,000 to 9,500s and a simmer burner at 5,000 BTU. You have convection in the oven as well. Convection, as you probably know, is fan forced heat a more even heat in your oven. You do have your choice of electric or gas ovens. Electric is a drier heat and better for baking, gas moister and better for roasting.

Broiling is always better in gas as well. Café is Wi-Fi enabled so you can set temperature and turn your oven on or off from an app on your phone. It can respond to voice through your Alexa or Google system. However, other than six burners, the Cafe’s best features its ability to be customized. You can pick several finishes white, matte, black or stainless, and four handle accent options. In black, stainless copper and brass.

There’s even a mirrored finish. So unlike most competitive brands, you have some Finnish options in the Café. The reliability for the first year about average for the category of 14.63 percent versus 14.37 for the gas range category based on our own internal service numbers. However, it is more reliable than other premium brands like Bosch and KitchenAid. Most of the more reliable brands are more basic units.


The Café is good features an ability to be customized. So how does it compare to the other brands, comparable models. At $2,700 – $2,999 the Café is a bit pricey. You have to spend another $500 dollars for an alternative handle style. KitchenAid will have a bigger oven in their best range instead of a storage drawer like the Café. KitchenAid offers a baking drawer. However, has the better top with six burners versus five for the KitchenAid KitchenAid does have the largest oven.

However, the controls are on the top, so there’s less space for the burners. GE is also more reliable and has the ability to customize. Samsung has their smart Flex Duo Oven. You have the ability to cook in two convection ovens or move the smart divider and have one larger twin convection oven. At least in theory, there are temperature limitations while both ovens are working simultaneously. You have the ability to customize and as many others have commented, GE support is much better than Samsung after the sale.

Should you buy it?

Do you buy the Café Appliance 700 series gas range? You should at least consider this range. It is a bit pricey. However, it does offer the best combination of output an oven with the possibility of customization.

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